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Writing Samples
Personalizing Feminism in Basara
This is a personally-framed essay on feminism in Yumi Tamura’s epic high fantasy series Basara, how it relates to the series’ politics as a whole and to my visceral identity as a feminist. This article was created as part of a week-long celebration of Yumi Tamura’s work.

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Apple censors still targeting LGBTQ content?
This article discusses apparent inconsistencies in Apple’s handling of sexual content in the App Store. In preparation for the article, I interviewed representatives from several manga publishers (requests for comment from Apple were ignored).

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Twilight & the Plight of the Female Fan
A request from The Hooded Utilitarian’s Noah Berlatsky for an article on Twilight inspired this discussion of women in genre fandom and how we’re conditioned to vilify our own.

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Voicing an Opinion: Manga Bookshelf’s Melinda Beasi Talks Canada Customs Case
I discuss criminalization of comics in Canada and how that impacts free expression here at home.

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Make Your Garden Grow
This blog post was written for students at Act Too Studio, to encourage musical immersion as a tool for serious study and to think about what “serious study” really means.

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Staff Stories: Unlocking Nerd Fitness
This was a blog post written in 2012 for National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, offering up my personal experience as a long-time nerd struggling to regain physical fitness.

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