Who am I?

melindabeasi-headshot-portrait-225x300Melinda Beasi
Arts Educator/Writer/Director
Act Too Studio | Manga Bookshelf

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Arts Education & Theatrical Direction | Writing/Editing

I have been an actor, blogger, editor, teacher, arts administrator, web creator, mac geek, and more. I believe that storytelling in its many forms is the way that we as a species best share our most important truths and ideas. Writers, composers, performing artists, painters, photographers, game developers, and so on–these people and those who work with them or help to create their tools are all part of telling the stories that make it possible for us to learn from each other and become a greater people. It’s important to me to be a part of that process.

As a teacher and mentor to young artists, I care deeply about my students’ personal and artistic development and I take their abilities and concerns seriously. My student projects are rich and complex, never condescending, geared towards fostering creativity and genuine collaboration. In addition to my skills as a teacher, writer, and editor, I bring ten years’ experience managing a labor-intensive organization on a tight budget and the ability to come through when it counts.